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(example) World Wide Widgets

Here’s a short objective description of our startup company’s business. This sentence should allow the reader to "get-it" quickly.

updated: 01/15/18

Cnsumr: Durable Products

Dallas, Texas USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready



Nomad brews caffeinated and antioxidant rich beverages for the conscious consumer.

updated: 01/19/18

Non-Durable goods

Brooklyn, New York USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready


(example) A Better Yo-Yo

Our idea about staring a company to make better yo-yos.

updated: 01/11/18

Cnsumr: Non-Durable Products

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA

Idea/Proposal stage


(example) Transforming metallic sodium from sodium hydroxide.

Our University is looking to commercialize its technology to capsulize metallic sodium

updated: 12/15/17

Enrgy: Alt Enrgy & Storage

New Haven, Connecticut USA

Pre-comercialization stage


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