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Nomad brews caffeinated and antioxidant rich beverages for the conscious consumer.

updated: 01/19/18

Non-Durable goods

Brooklyn, New York USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready


Catalina Crunch

'Healthy Cocoa Puffs' - same great taste, zero sugar.

updated: 05/04/18

New York, New York USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready


Supersonic Aircraft Breakthrough allows Boom-less Supersonic Commercial Flight at scale.

Technology that enables supersonic air-travel without the “sonic boom.”

updated: 01/04/19

Transp: Aerospace Prod&Servcs

Arcadia, California USA

Pre-Revenue: Concept Only


(example) World Wide Widgets

Here’s a short description of our startup company’s business. This sentence should allow the reader to "get-it" quickly. Please use our profile as a guide for creating your own startup profile.

updated: 12/26/21

Cnsumr: Durable Products

Dallas, Texas USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready



We make organizational culture visible and measurable.

updated: 10/30/19

IT: Soft/AI(Primarily Cloud)

Kansas City, Missouri USA

Pre-Revenue: Product in Development



Swiing creates computer vision based visual product filters for e-commerce, contact Anish Jain for a pitch deck and more!

updated: 07/02/20

IT: Soft/AI(Primarily Cloud)

Baldwin, New York USA

Pre-Revenue: Prototype Ready


Live Eyes

Live Streaming platform to collect and analyze data related to police-civilian encounters.

updated: 06/16/20

IT: Softw/Apps (Primr Mobile)

Saddle River, New Jersey USA

Pre-Revenue: Concept Only



Drop is a fleet operator of electric powered eco-friendly rickshaws (e-rickshaws).

updated: 04/07/21

Travel: Ground transportation

Atlanta, Georgia USA

Pre-Revenue: Full Product Ready


Wild Life Restaurant Group LLC

A personally curated fine dining restaurant with Michelin 3 star potential

updated: 09/14/23

Travel: Hospitality & Lodging

New York, New York USA

Pre-Revenue: Concept Only


(example) A Better Yo-Yo

Here's our idea about making better yo-yos. Before we start a company, we like to hear your thoughts. Please use our profile as a guide for publishing your own pre-company profile.

updated: 09/23/18

Cnsumr: Non-Durable Products

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA

Concept stage


Mobile Linktree for social media sharing

This app lets you share all your social media at once through one username/qr code.

updated: 07/16/21

IT: Softw/Apps (Primr Mobile)

Wayne, Pennsylvania USA


(example) Transforming sodium hydroxide into metallic sodium.

Our University is looking to commercialize its technology to capsulize metallic sodium

updated: 02/04/18

Enrgy: Alt Enrgy & Storage

New Haven, Connecticut USA

Pre-comercialization stage


(example) Benton & Benton Law Firm

Even though we have 7 U.S. offices, at heart, we're a boutique corporate law firm that specializes in helping both startup businesses and angel investors.

updated: 06/01/19

Business or Professional Service Provider

Law Firm

Chicago, Illinois USA


(example) Association of Food Technologists

Our association members are leading food technologists and scientists. We have formed an AngelRoot circle for them to collaborate and meet food-tech startups. Our circle can be noodged.

updated: 01/11/18

Professional / Trade Association

Professional Association


(example) Kangaroo Crowdfunding Portal

Any investor can join our circle. We specialize in Reg CF crowdfunding for Seed stage startups. Before applying to our screening cmte, please test the waters by noodging our circle.

updated: 02/01/18

Investment Facilitator / Intermediary

Funding Portal

New Orleans, Louisiana USA


chirpp corp.

chirpp alleviates startup operational burdens by providing highly experienced advisors that serve as an extension of your team

updated: 10/31/18

Business or Professional Service Provider

Consulting Firm

New York, New York USA


(example) Village of Smallville Angel Club

Even though we are a small town, we have a large angel club. Startups living < 200 miles from Smallville can noodge our circle or apply to be screened. We especially love young agricultural companies.

updated: 11/28/18

Investment Facilitator / Intermediary

Angel Group (without managed fund)

Smallville, Kansas USA


PennNYC (official Univ of Pennsylvania alumni association for Metro NYC)

We aim to engage the UPenn alumni community and grow the Quaker family. Alumni - please join our circle.

updated: 06/22/18

University / Affiliated club or program

Alumni Regional Club (University Sanctioned)

New York, New York USA


(example) ABC Ventures

We are a VC with a three managed funds. We use AngelRoot to find extraordinary pre-revenue, North or South American based consumer products companies. Startups can apply to be screened.

updated: 09/23/18

Investment Fiduciary / Institutional Investor

Venture Capital (with managed fund)

New York, New York USA


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